You've arrived at the home site of Sara Riviera, the acclaimed cabaret singer offering a unique blend of classic jazz, blues, and world music.  Sara's evocative interpretations will transport you to an earlier era, when everything moved more slowly and there was time to savor life's triumphs and tragedies in the dim light of the corner lounge. 

Sara Riviera's New CD: Tangerine BlueSara is delighted to serve up her first CD, Tangerine Blue.  It's an earthy jazz set with 13 exquisite songs spanning 50 years and 3 continents.  Take a listen and buy it here!  (Or, buy it on

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"Riviera seems to have come out of nowhere with this remarkable CD.  Her sound is exotic, essential, and truly exceptional.  Sara Riviera soars on Tangerine Blue, and she takes you with her."
- Michael Griffin, Music Director, DMX Music

"She's got a wonderfully warm, attention-grabbing voice, great tune selection, and great player support.  On Tangerine Blue, Sara Riviera's style and strong, likeable personality shine through beautifully!
- Bud, Owner of Bud's Jazz Records, Seattle 

"Sara Riviera's voice is like a strong Brazilian-brewed coffee: rich, dark, delicious, teasing and lingering long after the notes fade away."
- Listener comment

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